ENTER THE WORLD OF PENTHARA … a world governed by five elements and their five seasons …

The human kingdom of Barredom has been at war with the qindrid territories of Aggedon ever since the Qindrid Curse gripped the land. What were once humans are now grey-skinned, ageless, sleepless abominations, enhanced by the shadow element of their descendancy.

When the entire border army of Aggedon vanishes overnight, the obsessive General of Barredom orders the Westwalker, the infamous hunter of hunters, to investigate the disappearance. But the actions of men may test the resolve of the outsider who was long ago forced under the cursed transformation himself.

The new cycle of Kingfall proves worthy of its name when the savage elvan king of the Glace Isles is slain during an ambush. His elite war party, along with his three legendary axes, are deposited in the dungeons of the Frostdale Deeps, the domain of the Royal Inquisitor Honorah Bayn. Her task is to extract information from the enigmatic prisoners, but her desire is to exact revenge, and her lust for suffering is set to thwart the distracting aspirations of her unwitting son and daughter.

The unusual fortune of Barredom delivers one other gift when the leader of the Aggedonian qindrid surrenders herself into the custody of the elusive king of Barredom. It’s up to the renounced prince of Barredom, Ondrew Roth, and his motley group of spurned knights to escort her on a clandestine mission beneath enemy territory, through the underground tomb of an elvan race thought long defeated.

Prepare for a dark tale where all are the many hues of grey, and where any might not be as they seem …


STEP BACK INTO PENTHARA … the world governed by the five elements and their five seasons … All new characters, new territory, same season, and a simultaneous main story that correlates with Book One, "Kingfall". 

Follow the Terollar elvan Zahnastaazjah, known as Scarless, the ambitious youngest progeny of the Glace Isles king as she rises the ranks in Goldgarden, the biggest city in all of Penthara, ascending to become the leader of the most notorious crime syndicate in the region, the Stormtrees.

Meanwhile, step through the eyes of the newest initiate of the Oathemic Cabal of assassins, Symbelle, a master of poisons and alchemy, torn between her internal torment of a volatile split personality. She and her half-brother, the mage she is consigned with, are set out to eliminate two highly-dangerous foes that threaten the creed of the order - both Scarless and her leading henchmen over the Stormtrees, along with those in charge of the ever-expanding Boarneck Company.   

In the southern dominadom of Az'Dayne, the disgraced house of lon'Chandoss, once held in the country's highest esteem as a bloodline of famous spellblades, comes under its own issues arising among its newest generation.  The triplet sisters have all just come of age, and Valaythea has managed to captivate the attention of Izayus, the prince of Az'Dayne himself; currently in control of the capital, with the dominarchs away in the north on political matters with Barredom.  Another of the sisters, Adyssaira, was born hunder-touched, but is having difficulty in hiding her plight in a nation that harshly condemns such prodigies. And the last, Odysserae, was born with a more natural curse, mute and near-deaf, estranged and shunned, with but not without talents and great secrets of her own.  

Lastly, Sundorion, the fortuitous Zandaryn elvan explorer and confidante visiting the Chandoss estates has his life in human luxury put in jeopardy when he begins to dig too deep in what mysteries lie beneath the corrupt nation's houses of power. 


Prepare for a dark tale where all are the many hues of grey, and where any might not be as they seem …     

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Return back to the story in the north, beginning at the new season of the Sunder, directly after the last chapters of the first book of Kingfall. Follow the characters as you left them, and journey into the intrigue of the Neverborne Series as it continues deeper into the fire and shadows. 

- Introducing new character POVs. Spoiler tabs coming later this year for who they are. Stay tuned!




- Follow up of Book 2 Characters -

* Same Timeline of Book 3 *



- Thrench, Sho Lon, and the Underrealm -

* Same Timeline of Books 1 - 4 *



- Follow up of Book 3 Characters 

(& Some of Book 5 Characters) -



- Follow up of Book 4 Characters 

(& Some of Book 5 Characters) -

* Same Timeline as Book 6 *



- Characters in the West, East, & Under -



- Characters in the North & South



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