The purpose of this section is for clarification to my readers about how intended unique words and proper names are meant to be pronounced. It has become the most popular question I have received, so I decided to create a page to better help your enjoyment and understanding. 


On elvan proper names, if you see an "h" before a vowel, it becomes a long vowel. If you see an "h" after a long vowel, it becomes a short vowel, or if you see no "h" at all it generally intended as a short vowel. "Y"s are long "e"s in elvan, while they generally are translated as long "i" sounds in human tongues. If you see a "j" before an "h" expect it to be properly pronounced more like a "dshj".

Ryleohk - RYE-LOCK

Khomo'Jhuvonus - KOE-MOE-DSHJOO-VON-US

Lilealah - LIL-EE-AYE-LAH

Agendwar - AG-END-WAR


Zuulzunj - ZULE-ZINZGE

Mortali - MOR-TAL-EE

Kavajin - KAHV-AH-JIN


Ayrhealyes - AIR-HE-AL-YES

Thhmarius - TH-HM-AHR-EE-US

Sorovronus - SOAR-OH-VRON-US

Nhoenathor - NO-AN-ATH-ORE


Below are included a few other words in Book 1 that may be difficult to pronounce as intended that I wanted to include:

Penthara - PEN-THAH-RUH

Qindrid - KIN-DRID

Aggedon - AG-EH-DON

Barredom - BARE-EH-DUM

Wyldenar - WHEEL-DEN-AHR

Terollar - TAIR-OL-LAHR

Shirenar - SHEER-EHN-AHR

Ichean - EYE-CHEE-AN

Zsolindal - ZOL-IN-DAHL

Karlohr - CAR-LORE

Hroganyn - HROE-GAN-IN

Qaegons - QUAY-GONS

Dendrallthae - DEN-DRAHL-THAY

Caelduym / Caelduyan - CAEL-DOOM / CAEL-DUE-YAN

Psage - SAGE

Khalimia / Khalimishe - KAH-LEEM-EE-UH / KAH-LEEM-ESHE

Tsunosoto Akazi / Tsuno - SUE-NO-SOE-TOE AH-KAH-ZEE / SUE-NO 

Hirotai - HE-ROE-TYE

Yoshira - YO-SHEER-AH

Honorah - HUH-NOR-AH

Ebrielle - EE-BREE-EL